Oi, down here


Graeme, via email

I COMPLETELY agree with Lenny (letter of the month winner, November 2015) that we small hatchback drivers risk extermination by high-riding SUVs.

As a counterpoint, though, I would mention an article in a 1970s motoring magazine which compared an Alfa Romeo Alfasud with the then current Volvo 240. Conclusion? The Volvo was large, heavy and built like a truck. The Alfasud, however, was small, light and could turn, brake and accelerate.

The article suggested the Volvo 240 would survive any collision between the two, but the Alfa Romeo Alfasud could avoid the collision in the first place. I think they called that active safety!

So, Lenny, donít worry too much Ė us ground dwellers will survive. From a Volkswagen Polo GTI driver.

We totally agree with you Graeme Ė itís best to avoid the bingle in the first place.

And, like Mick suggests below, it helps to equip yourselves with proper skill, education and awareness.