Oi, still down here

Mick Stephen, via email

DEAR Lenny (November, 2015), Iím sorry you feel scared inside your Golf GTI with an increasing number of SUVs on the road.

Maybe you should try riding a motorcycle and see what it feels like to be at the mercy of all other vehicles, not just the larger ones.

Iíd bet my left one that you would return to the safety-equipment-riddled confines of your hatchback in a heartbeat.

Iím not looking for sympathy either. My bike, like your hatchback, was a choice made because of the feeling I get when I find an empty backroad or mountain pass. I knew the risks involved before purchasing it and counter that by educating and up-skilling myself, by wearing the necessary gear and by maintaining my bike.

What I have found is that riding a bike has increased my awareness and respect for other vehicles.

Maybe then you will see that itís not only SUV drivers that you should be afraid of, but all other road users.