Youíve lost me

Eric Waples , via email

IíM sorry MOTOR, but after being a subscriber to your magazine for more than 20 years, next time my renewal comes around youíve lost me. You can thank the demise of the Falcodore. The ďlast-ever comparoĒ just put the nail in the coffin.

I donít mind reading about Porsches, Aston Martins and other marques that Iíll never be able to afford, but I flick past all the articles with the likes of VW Golfs , Renault Megane/ Clio, etc, as they donít interest me in the least.

Having more than 25 pages on the BRZ/86 does nothing for me, either. With less than a year ítil the Falcon finishes, and with sales at an all-time low, thereís nothing anybody can do about it. It will be like parting with an old friend not getting my monthly MOTOR fix.

Thanks for everything and good luck with the future after locally made cars. Rest in Peace Falcodore, lost but not forgotten!

Well, thatís a bit grim of you, Eric. Sure, we share your pain and arenít for a second pining for the Falcodoreís demise. But we wonder if youíre being a little too hasty in your departure from the new fast car scene. Thereís a growing appetite for reardrive muscle, that car companies would be remiss not to service. Which means there should be exciting stuff coming to Ďreplaceí Falcon and Commodore (even if itíll never tug the heart strings quite the way Aussie-made metal did).