Undercover gun

Matt Gatto, via email

I WAS recently at the Gold Coast spending a day at Movie World watching the stunt drive show at midday, and as the drivers were showing some of their handy work I could see one driver that looked suspiciously like Warren Luff. The hair and smile was a dead giveaway. It was highly entertaining getting to see Luffy doing some skids fresh off racing in the Gold Coast 600.

I thought I had seen the last of Luffy, but after the show there he was again seamlessly blending in with the crowd, watching one of the shows with the trademark cheeky smile.

I should have asked him for an autograph, being one of the few there actually interested in V8 supercars and knowing who he was. But I thought it would be best not to while everyone was enjoying the Marilyn Monroe look-a-like perform.

Then again, after hitting a few of the rides there was a parade of comic book characters starting, and to my surprise one of the float drivers was sir Luff. I bet he didnít mention that part of the day job. He was dressed up in full police officer gear with an officerís hat and sunglasses to top it off, it made my day.

Unfortunately I donít have a photo for submission, but let me tell you it was most enjoyable seeing a driver of that calibre doing the hard yards. I was almost hoping for an epic powerslide while driving the float, but that might have been asking for too much. Keep up the excellent slides Luffy and hopefully itís not the last time I get to see you perform them in person at Movie World.

Matt, thank you. Heís ever the gentleman and a gun driver, but also an expert pisstaker.

This story will come in most handy.