Out of fuel

Pete, via Facebook

WHOEVER said not to bother including fuel consumption figures in your stats list was wrong. Not just a bit wrong, but monumentally wrong.

The late TopGear mag had real-world usage figures in their long term loan cars.

This was an excellent way to compare how efficient each car was when driven both enthusiastically and dawdling to the shops.

In the normal world it may be the Skoda Octavia RS versus a Commodore station wagon. Okay, we know which would be thirstier out of those two, but you get the idea. These are cars for which mere mortals are in the market.

Fuel efficiency/consumption is of major importance in a purchasing decision.

How clever am I? I have a machine that flies and only uses 6.0L/100km. Clever? I’m a friggin’ genius.

Not sure what you’re on about, Pete. We include real as-tested fuel consumption figures as often as we can – most often in The Garage, in fact. You can find plenty in Hot Source as well.