Weapons Factory

The beauties, blunders, and batcrazy creations from Las Vegasís latest wild tuning festival


ETíS TALK about change. Since 1967, when only five cars graced the Speed Equipment Ma n u f a c t u r i n g Associationís debut event, SEMA has grown from a soiree to a circus that swallows 3500km-squared of floor space and funnels 60,000 people through its entry gates.

What hasnít changed, though, is its fundamental point: to indiscriminately showcase the vibrant tuning industry under bright lights.

Think of it as a motor show thatís been left unattended by the class teacher and everyoneís taken the chance to go crazy.

Itís a place where squires and doyens of tuning display their wildest projects to attract vital brand exposure and participate in business-related mingling.

This mixing pot of tuners breeds a variety of creations unlike anywhere else; where weird, wild, and wonderful is the norm.

To make sure you donít miss out on the annual dose of crazy, weíve gathered our favourites from SEMA 2015. Enjoy!


If this looks like the remains of a badly burnt 5-Series, thatís because it is

ĎTalk about cultural fusion, this 240SX is actually wearing a snub-nose mask from Rocket Bunnyí

Wheels that mimicked turbofans from a bygone era were the real pull