Cool Kit

Stuff We Want

Infi niti Racing Casio Watch

$1261 Casio’s Edifi ce watch has been coloured in by Infi niti Red Bull Racing, giving it the fl air to match its feature-packed CV.

Hog-Hair Brushes

$53 autofi A wheel freak’s best mate, these hog-hair brushes should banish brake dust wherever it hides.

Toyota 86 Strut Brace

$293 Bulking up your 86/BRZ’s front-end with suspension goodies? Put a bow on it with a strut brace set.

V12 Coff ee Machine

$10,526 It doesn’t work as an engine, but should make some decent coff ee.

Comes in V8, V10, and V12 confi gurations.

Falcon XY Shirt

$48 Sometimes a build, old or new, feels a little like piecing a car together.

Looks better on a shirt than on a garage fl oor.

Autobahn Keyring

$6 Spot this glorious four-line stripe and you can forget about speed limits; this keyring is a daily reminder of the happiness it brings.

Toyo R888R

$378* As if made from glue, Toyo’s latest hoop slots above the R888 and is a motorsport tyre you can wear to the track. Water best avoided, though. *235/40 R18