Itís tempting

The used car treasure hunt


NEW US$112,590

í14 Dodge Viper GTS

Makes Miley Cyrus seem tame

WHILE firms will be trying to plug the gap left by our homegrown sport heroes with all types of American muscle, the Dodge Viper is one yank thatíll never have the chance to impress us Aussies.

Thatís why, huge pricetag aside, weíre ogling this topspec GTS thatís sprung up on the classifieds in rare circumstances. Sure, $300K sounds like a laugh for a sideswap car with steering buttons from a 300, but few cars will offer the driving experience of the Detroit-built bullet.

Up front lives the torquiest passenger-car atmo engine on sale Ė an 8.4-litre V10 with 475kW and 831Nm.

It sends that to its rear axle (which you practically sit on) through a six-speed manual transmission and blasts its song through pipes that sit under your window.

It all seems unhinged. So much so that come 2017, Fiat Chrysler looks to axe the Viper in light of its scant business case. So this could be your only chance to be snake bitten.

NEW $599K

2007 Murcielago LP640

All paw, all powerful

NOW $429,990

SUMMON another $145K and you can score something a little more sophisticated than the Dodge Viperís brash personality, but with the same vein of drama and madness.

Lamborghiniís Murcielago, found here in LP640 specification, offers 471kW from its scintillating V12, which produces that figure right on 8000rpm.

Its all-wheel drive system promises a more restrained driving experience compared to the Viper, but the fact youíre handling the V12 via a six-speed manual makes it every as bit as exciting. Nor can you buy a manual V12 drivetrain today.

At 39 per cent cheaper than it cost in 2007, it wonít depreciate much from now.

NOW $285,000