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Chris Packer, via email

MARCH 2016

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THE narrow-minded definition of speeding needs to change. Imposed speeding margins of, say, three per cent (less than 2km/h) do not make fender benders less likely. If we are legit about a desire to make our roads a safer place to be, then a new mind-set is required.

My suggestion is a simple one: increase the margin to 10 per cent. This takes away the need to be constantly checking your speedo and allows the driver to actually concentrate on the road, the traffic around them, and even the conditions.

It seems to me that less low-speed fender benders could be a really positive outcome from this. The flip-side is that those caught travelling at more than the 10 per cent margin will, in most cases, have chosen to speed. They deserve to get caught as they are the real danger.

Tricky one, Chris. Were not in disagreement, as anything that gets people focusing more on the road gets our support, but we suspect mobile phones are the bigger distraction.