Rod Baker, via email

I REALLY enjoyed the 11-car shootout in the February edition which saw the 911 GT3 rightly enjoy a win. I was amazed, however, to see the humble old XR8 use way less fuel than the C63 S over the course of the test, despite being told the XR8 is a dinosaur and the C63 S is the duck’s nuts. VW got caught out on diesel emissions, but is Mercedes- Benz pulling our leg in regards to fuel consumption?

The XR8 also weighs 200kg more than the C63 S and there was very little between them in the 0 to 100km/h sprint!

The Merc costs three times the price and came second in the comparison, while the XR8 came last, but there was no mention of the fuel consumption disparity other than the table listing the differences. Can someone please explain!

It’s really very simple, these new-age turbo engines are brilliant on the official fuel cycle in a laboratory, but to make a load of power you still need a load of fuel, so if you use the performance, they drink like nobody’s business. Hence why there’s a big push to publish ‘real world’ fuel consumption figures.