Jose, via email

I WAS looking forward to my February magazine until I looked at Performance Car of the Year. Donít get me wrong, I love Porsches, but you need to compare apples to apples: how is a track-focused car such as the brilliant GT3 not going to win against this group of luxury cruisers and other cars that are under-powered?

I noticed certain vehicles which would have given the GT3 a run for its money were not available. I believe the Ferrari, McLaren, HuracŠn, Audi R8 or Nissan GT-R would have given it a good crack.

If you canít get all the cars in the wish list for this test then perhaps call it something else or wait until you have all the performance vehicles available.

Can I suggest a performance test with a kilowatt minimum? Perhaps nothing less than 200kW. I would not call a 96kW Mazda a performance vehicle? I understand the hard work that goes into testing, but letís make it performance vehicles only.

Also, why did you not include a full-fruit 430kW Commodore?

Apart from that, still a great mag.

Sorry, Jose, the HSV GTS hasnít changed enough and then the new Clubsport LSA missed out by weeks. As for your other point, numbers donít make a performance car, as the MX-5 proved by beating a number of faster, much more powerful contenders.