BMW 330i

M M IN THE PAST a Ď330ií badge meant you had spent a little more on your purchase, and that it also wielded a silky smooth six. In the latest name game BMW has played on the 3-Series, the former remains true, as the new 330i slots above the 318i and 320i, however, as itís basically the old 328i, thereís no six-banger in its nose. An iconoclast, but it doesnít detract from the 328i-cum-330i being a sweet car.

Thereís extra standard kit. And its engine, now with 5kW more, is willing and powerful. However, despite its new adaptive suspension, the 330iís ride could be better, though its handling and steering are still top of the class. Ė LC SPECS 2.0L INLINE-FOUR, 185KW/350NM, 5.8L/100KM PRICE $69,900