APRIL 2016

The power. The passion.


Back 2 Basics

BMWíS baby M returns fatter, faster and cheaper than ever. We meet the new hero at the famous Laguna Seca


Once Were Warriors

AS MITSUBISHIíS Lancer Evolution exits, an old foe, and an unstoppable new one, step into the ring for one final bout


Captain Morgan

ITíS MORE car than motorcycle, but only just. Cockburn swipes the keys to our most eccentric test vehicle yet


Dust To Supercar

WE PLAY fly on the wall at Audiís BŲllinger HŲfe, the place where its fantastic R8 V10 is born


Real Estate

FROM THE local hardware store to Phillip Islandís Hayshed, AMGís C63 Estate is proof you can have it all


Sleeping Beauties

NISSAN hides its most precious rides in a warehouse in Japan; MOTOR invades its toybox of priceless classics


Cat Fight

DOES the new turbocharged Porsche 911 Carrera S give up anything to the loud, loveable Jaguar F-type V8?


Ariel Assault

ARIELíS Atom spawns a beast with a hunger for muddy rally trails instead of racetracks

Mustang GT vs HSV GTS 66

Americaís most famous muscle car meets our best ever


Ford Mustang 911 Carrera S Jaguar XF Peugeot 308 GTD Huracan Spyder Merc-Benz IAA 911 Turbo

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Edís Letter

Cheap racing is the best

10 The News

Ford Sprint lands, new Polestar, and Jagís SVR unveiled

18 The Vent

Thoughts better out than in

20 Sweet Dream

Nissan throws back to its 240Z with this retro sportster

116 Geek Speak

The chassisí lighter, stronger, and faster future

118 Cool Kit

Itíll make your wallet sweat

120 Garage

Road-trip from hell; we fi nd out if our Bimmerís faking it

124 Itís Tempting

Yesterdayís Australian V8 heroes, todayís bargains

125 Chart Attack

Taking stock on this monthís fast bunch

127 Columns

Dealing with drunkards, stupid drivers and ESC

133 Hot Source

Quick numbers

146 Final Nine

Historyís unstoppable Formula One racers