Jag’s feral kitty

Incoming F-Type SVR set to rock the baby supercar establishment


JAGUAR WILL switch from smoking wooden pipes to smoking supercar rivals like the 911 Turbo with its stonking F-Type SVR revealed at the Geneva motor show.

Think of the leaping-cat brand’s Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) division that created the SVR as an upper-crust British version of HSV, partially because the philosophies are the same: they both add grunt to cars first.

Having already toyed with the Range Rover Sport, SVO is now moving to the big league with a model based on the already rather well-endowed F-Type R coupe and convertible versions.

The 5.0-litre supercharged V8 engine’s outputs rise by 19kW/20Nm to produce 423kW at 6500rpm and 700Nm between 3500rpm and 5000rpm.

Weight-saving has also been enlisted, and is helped by the addition of an Inconel titanium exhaust (-16kg), lighter forgedaluminum 20-inch wheels (-21kg) and optional carbon-ceramic brakes. All up they help shed 50kg off the kerb weight of an R, which now pegs the coupe’s mass at 1705kg and the convertible’s at a slightly more portly 1720kg.

The Inconel exhaust’s wall thickness has been halved to 0.6mm and is claimed to offer “an even more distinctive, hard-edged exhaust note”.

All-wheel drive and an eightspeed automatic form a single specification that teams with rubber 10mm wider than the R AWD (265mm front/305mm rear) to help lower the 0-100km/h claim to 3.7 seconds, down from 4.1sec.

The F-Type SVR coupe will top out at 322km/h – or a neat 200mph – making it the fastest Jaguar since the XJ220 recorded a thenbenchmark 343km/h top speed back in 1992.

The adjustable high-deck carbonfibre spoiler assists with downforce, while a new side gill on the front guards and more aggressive front bumper design aids aerodynamics.

Chassis upgrades include smaller front and thicker rear anti-roll bars,

recalibrated adaptive dampers and new rear knuckles that result in 37 per cent increased camber stiffness and 41 per cent raised toe tautness.

According to its maker, the first-ever SVR-badged Jaguar, “Is developed to exploit the twoseat aluminium sports car’s full potential while retaining its day-today usability.

“Lighter, faster and more powerful, the new F-Type SVR takes performance, dynamics and driver involvement to a new level yet it retains the comfort and duality of character inherent to all Jaguar cars.”

The F-Type SVR will arrive in Australia in the third-quarter of 2016 priced between $289,590 (coupe) and $308,470 (convertible), marking an increase of $44K over the F-Type R AWD.

That places it within cooee of the $294,610 Mercedes-AMG GT S (with 375kW/650Nm) while leaving a gap to the forthcoming secondgeneration $354,900 Audi R8 and newly updated $384,900 Porsche 911 Turbo.