Faster M4 on its way

Harder-charging M3 and M4 inbound to Oz


JUST EIGHTEEN months on from their local launch we already have a faster, sharper M3 and M4s on the horizon. BMW has unveiled the Competition Pack, landing locally in the second half of 2016, which boosts power, sheds weight and revises their handling and traction abilities.

An extra 14kW from the 3.0-litre twin-turbo six-cylinder brings the total to 331kW and shaves 0.1sec from the 0-100km/h sprint, the M3 and M4 taking just 4.0sec in seven-speed DCT form with the heavier convertible slightly slower at 4.3sec.

The Competition package also adds lightweight 20-inch wheels front and rear and revised settings for the M differential; though what those revisions are BMW doesn’t say. It’s more specific regarding the Competition’s new suspension setup, with new springs, dampers and anti-roll bars headlining a fairly comprehensive overhaul.

“Extensively tuned to … offer a track-focused alternative to existing models,” says BMW, the Competition package isn’t likely to do much for ride quality, but will hopefully add some predictability to a car that can be a handful, particularly in the wet.

Elsewhere, the Competition package adds lightweight sports seats, sports exhaust system and high-gloss black exterior highlights.

In other news BMW Australia has also secured 12 units of the M4 GTS.

With a 7min 28sec Nürburgring lap it’s the fastest production BMW ever and debuts a water-injection system which lifts outputs to 375kW/600Nm while weight drops 100kg.

Combined with adjustable coilover suspension and Michelin Cup 2s, 0-100km/h takes 3.8sec and the limited top speed is 306km/h. BMW is tight-lipped on local pricing but using UK pricing as a guide the GTS will cost around $300K – or double a regular M4 – when it lands later this year.