Phil Thomas, via email

RECENTLY started reading MOTOR again after a long absence, courtesy of a fillin subscription after Top Gear Australia folded. Good work! The mag’s come a long way and seems better than I remember – less expletives and uncouthness, and less copying the style of Top Gear magazine.

Good comparo of the M4/Lexus RC F/ Jag F-Type in the March mag – and with a real-world conclusion! Glad someone has the guts to not fawn all over the M4 and document its limitations.

So keep it real boys; some of us read these mags to decide what to buy rather than what to drool over!

Welcome back, Phil, and we’re glad to have you on board again. We have no trouble calling it how we see it, and in the case of the M4, an extremely impressive performance car is let down by a few crucial driver connection details.