Lee, via email

I RECENTLY hired a car in Japan and drove the highways of Tokyo, and something stood out to me. If a driver wanted to merge lanes in traffic, they would put their hazard lights on after being let in. I looked it up and apparently a few countries also do this as a sign of gratitude. It can also be used if youíre hunting for a park or illegally parked while you pop into the 7-Eleven.

Wouldnít that be a great thing to introduce in Australia, with endless traffic frustration and road rage on the rise?

Ex-Wheels editor Bill Thomas suggested the same thing in one of his editorials years ago. I noticed this in Japan myself a while back and agree itís not a bad idea.

In fact Iíve imported it; now, when a hand gesture wonít work for whatever reason Ė rain, night, etc Ė Iíll give the nice person behind two or three blinks of the hazards.

I presume/hope they get the message. DC