Joel Neilsen , via email

IN THE February issue of MOTOR your editorial makes some great points about the need for a more visible police presence on our roads. I couldn’t agree more that this is a much-needed deterrent for bad driving.

But one line in your article concerned me, regarding a driver dawdling in the right lane at 81km/h in an 80 zone with a truck tailgating. Your choice of words and the reference to 81km/h seems to infer that the car driver is doing something wrong.

Under national road laws the driver has every right to be in the right lane in an 80km/h zone (the keep left rule applies in speed zones above 80km/h).

And how is a driver who is technically speeding (albeit 1km/h over) regarded as “dawdling”? In this example, I think you should have written 70km/h or less as the driver’s speed.

Fair call, Joel. I suppose I was writing from my experience of Melbourne’s Monash Freeway, part of my morning commute, a mostly four-lane motorway with a lengthy (and much too slow) 80km/h stretch close to the CBD, leaving the Burnley Tunnel. In peak hour, it’s not pretty. DC