Jono Rostron, via email

IíM ONLY 20 years old, so the cars Iím about to mention are likely to be a few years off for me, but I can still dream. Is it weird that a Porsche Macan Turbo, a Bentley Bentayga or a Mercedes GLE Coupe interest me more than an exotic sportscar? I want something with practicality, speed and style, something I canít see myself finding in an F-Type (as stunning as they are). I want a place for my dogs to sit, I want roof room for my surfboards and I want seats for my mates.

So itís to my absolute excitement that the Jaguar F-Pace is just around the corner, as well as Bentleyís SUV masterpiece (thatís what Iím calling it, anyway), and Iím ecstatic to hear Maserati and Lamborghini arenít too far away. Itís going to be a tough decision in a few yearsí time. Any early recommendations?

This is a very interesting letter. For the next generation, will fast SUVs be the cars to covet?