Andrew, via email

THANKS for a great Feb issue. I thought the most surprising number of the entire Performance Car of the Year article: the GT3 went from 100-0km/h in 37.49m! That put it eighth (out of 11) for braking! This was way behind the Commodore (second) and even the ‘overweight’ Lexus RC F, 430kg heavier with exactly the same size brake discs!

Is there an explanation in the testing that would explain this, or have you found the weak point in the Porsche’s armour?

Sure, its 1.74m deficit from first might not sound like much in isolation. On a track it may not be with wide run-off areas, however in the real world it is half a lane at an intersection. Which could make for a very bad day indeed.

Rubber is the likely answer here, Andrew.

The GT3 was wearing focused Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 rubber, which need a fair amount of heat in them to work at their best. Witness the results of the similarlyshod AMGs, though the Megane Trophy R bucked the trend. Make no mistake, the GT3’s brakes are fearsomely powerful.