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2005 BA MkII XR8


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2005 BA MkII XR8

Pristine, 260kW V8 for $15K? Keep talking...

SO THE mighty FG-X Falcon XR8 Sprint has lobbed. All hail the XR8 Sprint.

But while $60K scores you a decent 345kW/575Nm, trust us when we say you can have about 50 per cent of the XR8 Sprint driving experience for a quarter of the cost.

So the new car smell will be long gone and the lack of warranty will keep some awake at night, but these days you can pick up the BA Falcon XR8 for less than $15K.

This MkII Lightning Strike silver example has 100,000 clicks, full service history and not a single dent. Having used only Royal Purple oil from new (better than canola we hear) the owner even says all the wheels are untouched.

“Concourse condition” – and the photos seem to back it up.

At $14,990 you score yourself a pristine, 260kW/500Nm slab of rear-driven Aussie muscle memorabilia. This is pre-Miami blown-V8 days; we’re talking 5.4-litre nat-atmo “Boss 260” donk. And a four-speed auto.

A bargain regardless.

NEW $51,275

NOW $14,990

2007 VE SS Commodore

IN 2005 the VZ Commodore was the BA MkII Falcon’s nemesis. The vast majority of VZ SSs for sale online seem to be of the 5.7-litre Gen III V8 variety, but we reckon if you can, skip the VZ altogether and go for a VE SS instead.

You’ll nab yourself the first of the 6.0-litre Gen IV donks in a chassis the Falcon was never really able to match.

Even by today’s Australian performance car standards, the 270kW/530Nm VE drives well – a lot better than the poor BA XR8, we’d hazard – and it’s aged well to our eyes.

We haven’t picked one particular example, but you can find six-speed auto VE SSs with around 130,000km and good service histories for $15K. Yes please.

NEW $46,990 Bargain? You bet

NOW $15,000