BMW 340i

M M DESPITE what it says above, it turns out a BMW 330i isnt all the car you ever need. Behind the wheel of BMWs new 340i it doesnt take long for the extra power to begin seducing you. Now with an extra 15kW/50Nm, the six-pot 3 Series seriously hauls and has a sweet soundtrack, too.

Even better, BMWs electronic faux-LSD offers much better traction, with less of the frustrating inside wheelspin of old, and the chassiss fluid progressiveness is in stark contrast to the spiky nature of the current M3 and M4. Sadly, the new Variable Sport Steering is a retrograde step, needlessly complicating an area where simplicity is best. SN SPECS 3.0L TURBO I6, 240KW/450NM, 6.8L/100KM PRICE $89,900