F1 genius to design Aston hypercar

Adrian Newey plotting road car ‘quicker than F1 around Silverstone’

FROM the age of six, esteemed F1 car designer Adrian Newey longed to design a road-going supercar.

With Aston Martin officially announcing a tie-up with Red Bull Racing’s F1 outfit, he will now realise that dream.

Codenamed ‘AM-RB 001’, Aston Martin has vowed to build the ground-breaking hypercar in partnership with Red Bull Advanced Technologies and motorsports consultancy firm AF Racing AG.

Newey, along with Aston Martin’s chief designer Marek Reichman, will be central to the hypercar’s design, which company boss Andy Palmer has confirmed will revolve around a mid-engine layout – a first for a roadgoing Aston Martin – and a KERSstyle drivetrain.

“To be our halo car it had to be something very special, and to be very special it had to be mid-engined.

We have never done a mid-engined car before.

“To move to mid-engined it had to be a car that would have no excuses - hence, the raison d’etre to make it the quickest car around a track,” Palmer told UK outlet Autocar.

While there’s been no mention of the Nürburgring, Aston Martin says it wants the AM-RB 001 to lap Silverstone faster than an F1 car.

The car will be built by Aston Martin’s Special Operations unit, which currently handles the trackonly Vulcan (pictured below).

A total run of 99 are expected to be built, of which Vulcan customers will have first dibs. The rest are said to sell on a “first-come, first-served” basis, with the first car to be on the road by 2018.