Matt Hayes, via email

VERY LONG time reader, first time writer here. Always been a fan of your mag, the photos, the articles... all of it. But lately I am becoming disheartened. Not with the quality, but with the cars you dedicate so much space to. I love reading about the specs, handling and power. And then, all too often, it ends with the saddest line: “It won’t be coming to Australia.”

This frustrates the crap out of me. It becomes like a great advertising feature for the said manufacturer and nothing but disappointment for the reader.

It seems to me that the big two are shutting up shop and treating us with utter contempt by building nothing decent in right-hand drive. Wish I was wrong, but somehow I doubt it.

Agreed, Matt. And your letter is cause for us to reconsider our policy on publishing stories on cars not destined for Oz.