Frank, via email

IN REGARDS to your BMW M4 vs Jaguar F-Type S vs Lexus RC F feature in March, 2016, I just wanted to say as you guys are spot on regarding the launch control feature on a BMW M4. Iíve found it useless. It just wants to demolish the tyres.

I have since fitted 285mm Michelin Cup 2s in the rear, which has fixed most of the traction issues when there is good heat in them, but it hasnít fixed the launch control issues. However, it doesnít take much for them to catch up to the stock Super Sports I had originally, and I can use throttle sooner even with traction control off.

Before I could only manage 4.5 to 4.9sec sprints from 0-100km/h with stock tyres, but with the Pilot Sport 2 tyres I saw 4.3sec sprints with launch control. Oh, and I might also add it has a Stage 1 tune, too.