Peter Hood, via email

IN REGARDS to last month’s ‘Ford Disappoints Me’ letter, where you contradict Adam to say the Focus RS is not sold out, to me it appears to be sold out in some places.

I live in Mackay, Queensland, and yesterday I called in to the local Ford distributor to see if they could give me a hard copy Focus RS brochure to drool over. I also asked about local arrival date and pricing.

There was no brochure, the stock they had ordered for this year (three) were already sold, and the driveaway price was $65K. I could –if I wanted to be sure of obtaining one next year– put down a deposit. But this was a temptation I felt able to resist.

I was told a brochure would be emailed to me, but I have not received one and don’t expect to. I feel that because I would not put down a deposit I was dismissed as a potential sale and was not worth wasting more time on. Well, they would be correct, rather than deal with this franchise I will look further afield.