Jeff Sexton, via email

I AM not a complete and utter Porsche fanatic, but I do know enough to notice a Porsche-related error on page 14 of your March 2016 issue.

You have printed a small note between the columns: “Four cylinders return to the Porsche brand after almost 50 years, the 914 the last so-equipped”.

This is incorrect for two reasons: One, the 914 finished production in 1976; two, the last four-cylinder Porsche production car was the 968, built between 1992-1995, and was the last update of the 924 and 944 family.

The 968 was powered by a four-cylinder engine of 3.0-litre capacity.

Thanks for taking the time to read my gripe and all the best for the future.

Spot on, Jeff. We knew it the first time we saw the hard-copy magazine, too.

Not enough coffee on deadline, it seems.

Our mistake, and apologies to resident Porschephiles.