Peter Hall, via email

IíM GONNA miss the mid-$40K Aussie options in form of the Commodore SS and Falcon XR6T. But there still will be fun options left in their wake.

For instance, a Toyota 86 with a blower.

Very affordable and would be a riot. The M135i sounds like a brilliant car, but isnít a looker like the its coupe counterpart.

My current 2008 XR6 Turbo is low kays so Iím going to keep working on it. Thinking to maybe add a new turbo, intercooler, injector, exhaust, fuel pump and other mods to make it easy to live with.

You might notice everything Iíve listed is rear-wheel drive. Iíve driven heaps of frontwheel drive cars around towns and long distances, but I canít stand torque steer and the poor traction issues. All of them, though, have been rental cars. Iím curious, how would a Golf GTI or a Megane get power to the ground?

Not very well if you find yourself on a drag strip, Peter, but the combination of ever wider and better rubber, clever front suspension systems like GMís HiPerStrut, Renaultís PerfoHub and Fordís RevoKnuckle and limited-slip differentials (which certainly donít help the torque steer issue) help them stick to the road well.