Chris Brown, via email

INTERESTING article on the Lancer Evo X Final Edition, chaps, the statement youíre angry this model was allowed to wither on the vine resonated with me.

When I take the dish-licker for a walk itís often past various car yards. To say the Mitsubishi yard is frustrating is an understatement. No Evo Xs graced the showroom floor for a long time. Then thereís the rest of the model lineup. Talk about mediocrity. That very old Pajero haunts the whole operation.

More specifically on the Lancer, I considered one of these back in 2011, but the price, the finish, the interior and the road noise inside put me off. At the time I was driving one of the last all-wheel drive VRX Magnas, and I decided it was perfect, except for the stonk. Since then Iíve added an Eaton blower, liquid-to-air intercooler, Motec computer, bigger front brakes and now the Magna goes beautifully.

As you said: such a shame that the Lancer never was what it could have been, if it was, they would have saved me from a very expensive hot-up! Keep up the good work.

A blown all-paw Magna? Last we checked, Magnas werenít allowed to be that cool. Nice.