Cool Kit

Stuff We Want

TSW Vales $405*

Available from 17 to 20 inches in diameter, these stunning Vales have a look worth the tricky clean they’ll require. (*price for one 17-inch wheel)

Car Furniture $POA

Given a new lease on life as furniture, these car parts are ingeniously recreated by Austrian folks Unibro.

Jim Clark Print $88

Frame one of F1’s greatest partnerships: Chapman’s Lotus 49 and Jim Clark, the three-time world champ.

Exhaust Sound Dock $4313

Stolen from a 911 GT3 then slapped on to a sound dock, this exhaust silencer now sports Bluetooth connectivity and 200W.

Clio Carbon Intake $625

Claimed to not only dress up an engine bay, this carbon airbox is said to boost power by 14kW.

Rotary Life Tee $38

For the rotor-heads out there: a tee explaining the owning one.

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