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1987 HDT Director

NEW $86,000

The most polarising Aussie car in history

ITíS ONE OF the most important cars in Australian automotive history. Not necessarily because of what it is, but because of the role it played in breaking ties between Holden and racing legend Peter Brock.

Most readers will know the story: Brock claimed a little black box of crystals called a Polariser had a transformative effect on a carís performance and dynamics, but wouldnít let anyone Ė including Holden Ė test the car. Holden said if Brock released the car, the relationship was over. He did, and it was.

Which is a shame, as the Director was a fairly radical piece of kit, with an (optional) 5.6-litre stroker V8, (optional) independent rear end, wild bodykit and (again, optional) 16-inch Momo rims, all of which are fitted to this example, which is claimed to be the car you see in the brochure image above.

Over $300K is a lot of money, but only 12 were built and it has quite a story to tell.

NOW $315,000

ITS PLACE at the top of the Aussie performance pile was taken long ago, but itís arguable whether any other local car will ever generate the adoration enjoyed by Fordís mighty XY Falcon GT-HO Phase III.

Prices have yet to recover to their pre-GFC heights (and may never do so) but nigh-on $400K for a Falcon is still a large amount of money for a car that retailed for $5300 when new.

This example was originally owned by former Melbourne car dealer Bib Stillwell. It was nut-and-bolt restored in the late-1980s then mothballed for 20 years before being restored to active service by its current owner. Looks great in Monza Green, too.

1971 Ford XY Phase III King of the Hill NEW $5300 NOW $395,000

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