CONVERTIBLES typically attract sneers and apathetic stares but itís all affection driving around in a bright yellow droptop Ford Mustang, a popular car, it seems, with the broader Aussie populace. Also easy to feel affectionate as the driver, despite a cool but slightly-low-rent-in-places interior. The new 5.0-litre ragtop Mustang can both cruise lazily, V8 burbling, thanks to its relaxed torque converter auto, but dial everything up and itíll happily attack as well, thanks to on-point steering, poise, massive amounts of grunt and a keenness to power oversteer. It also sounds pretty great. A hugely likeable, feel-good and fun car to drive, this. Ė DC SPECS 5.0L V8, 306KW/540NM, 12.7L/100KM PRICE $66,490