Jon Bailey, via email

I love a naturally-aspirated engine, and I am not looking forward to a future without anything ‘all motor’ represented. Anyone can make big power by adding boost, but it takes genius to build a non-boosted motor that does it all. And when they do nail a good atmo, they are sublime.

My issue is they are becoming extinct due to a lie. Time and again we see incredible claims of economy – mainly by German manufacturers – only to see road tests where within 50 per cent of the claimed combined figure is as good as it gets. Meanwhile, the dinosaur naturally-aspirated motors are usually within 10 per cent of their claim and actually using less fuel than an equivalent technological turbo marvel. And don’t let me even start on real world BMW i8 results versus its claimed 2.1 litres per 100km.

The efficiency of these motors are only as useful as a windscreen sticker, and perhaps just around to avoid some extra luxury car tax? For shame.