Brian Colton, via email

If I hear one more paean of praise or agonised tears for the demise of the manual gearbox I will probably shoot the nearest motoring writer. It’s 2016 for f**k’s sake!

Would you Luddites also like to see starting handles, no air-con, cross-ply tyres, choke knobs, 8-track players, cart springs, drum brakes, rotary dial phones, manual tune TVs, 78rpm records etc?

Back in the ’60s LJK Setright (CAR magazine), almost certainly the best motoring journalist ever, opined the day of the manual gearbox was over.

He was right then and it’s a certainty today. All that waffle about “nailing a change just right” is just that – waffle.

For most of the time behind the wheel, “nailing a change...” is the last thing on one’s mind. And when one actually wants to do so modern auto ’boxes simply do it better. And please do not ever print ‘all paw’ ever again!

Interesting opinion, Brian, but not one we share. While there’s no doubt today’s self-shifters are very, very good, having to select your own gears remains a crucial part of the skill of driving to us and many other enthusiasts.