Jeremy Sims, via email

I know this is a performance mag, so much of the focus has been on the ‘Folden’ V8s (kinda fitting name now) and the last great Aussie-designed engine, the inline turbo six from Ford. But I was thinking this great mag (your sister mag could but I flick through it and buy MOTOR) could do a grand send-off of Aussie cars: the twin Cruzes (petrol and oiler), the Ford Tezza, then for the main event something fitting and epic with the big V8s.

Maybe not a lap of this great country, but something with a fair load of kilometres, and maybe a trip to Lakeside Raceway or even the mighty hill at Bathurst. Also the others we will be losing like the hybrid Camry?

Personally, I think the looming demise of our car industry is pretty unique (it is in effect three brands pretty much at the same time). It’s not due to an economic decline, it’s poor product, although I wonder what it would be like if the Commodore had stayed in its intended medium market/size instead of ballooning into Kingswood market/size?

Would that extra platform diversity have helped our market ride out the trends and we’d not got stuck with three companies vying for government dollars to develop and engineer three good family-sized cars?

We’ll stick to the performance stufff, Jeremy, but your idea is a good one and there’s no doubt a fitting farewell feature is needed for our local metal.