Where is the final ‘special’ local car for us rural folk to aspire to?

Vaughn Becker, via email

I feel I must add my voice to those lamenting the loss of automotive manufacturing in Australia. It is short-sighted and an absolute crying shame. I enjoy getting my copy of MOTOR and reading about the final models being produced by Holden and Ford. These are undoubtedly magnificent cars and examples of Aussie manufacturing ability.

But, I am disappointed that, as yet, there is no model being mentioned for everyday motorists, especially in rural areas; low ground clearance, low-profile tyres, stiff suspensions are not great bedfellows with rural roads. We can rule out their use on gravel completely.

To all those that can purchase and use the current ‘final’ high-performance models becoming available, best of luck to you, and I wish you many years of enjoyment with your special car. However, where is the ‘final special’ car for we who live in rural areas to aspire to? The bush did more than its part in putting Holden (and Ford) on the Australian motoring map but it seems that in the final days we have been forgotten. Let’s hope that can be rectified.

Where is the final ‘special’ local car for us rural folk to aspire to?