Josh Robinson, via email

In our bureaucratic nanny-state times, our respective governments have focused on removing driver distractions from our cars, like mobile phones, in-car entertainment systems, GPS and the endangered list goes on. I don’t dispute that these are distracting, yet as I drive through Australian cities I am finding many road signs obstructed by overhanging trees or lost in a myriad of fluorescent advertisements.

While I might care about the latest fashion, 2-for-1 deal, or satisfying my girlfriend for a little longer, I’m driving, and at this time I’d rather see traffic signs and hope that my fellow motorists are seeing the same signs and me in the lane next to them.

Too often I see drivers pulling U-turns and left turns across three lanes of traffic – probably because they’ve won the automotive version of ‘Where’s Wally’ and found the sign they were looking for – just as they enter the intersection!

Maybe it’s time that our law makers stopped looking at those behind the wheel and start looking through the windscreen.