Annette Price, via email

Thank you MOTOR for your article on the last Falcons, the XR8 and XR6 Sprints.

Mechanically a great tribute to the Falcon and Iím sure plenty will be storing them away in sheds all around Australia. Iím a loyal Ford performance fan (own a T3 Tickford). What frustrates me so much with Ford is their continued ability to really poorly package and market their vehicles.

The Sprints and just about every car they sell are the same: technically good to great, just missing some basic packaging.

Like, really, how bad do these Sprints look? Surely some nicer coloured wheels (the black looks like a cheap Korean job), nicer colours, interior materials, headlight/ taillight highlights, and even decent stripes would make some huge difference to how the cars look and how people Ďfeelí about them. Mechanically a wonderful way to say goodbye, just make it look nice please...

How does a company that brought us the classic XW/XY/XA cars with still striking/ nice colours, great interiors, nice wheels and some grunt, get this so wrong all the time?

Wake up Ford! You are continually shown up, not by better cars, but by a bit of colour/ materials, flair, attention to detail and good marketing. The Mustang is a good example of how to do it, as is just about every German, Japanese and even Korean car on the market. If you canít do it yourself, for goodnessí sake work out who can in your competitor companies and offer them a job!

Your fans are still out there; just give them something to love.