Cool Kit Stuff We Want

AMG Petronas Cap $60 ndprixstore.

Think Daniel Ricciardo is Italian? Prefer to go the team that’s winning?

Plonk this on your nong. To support Nico, presumably. iel o for

Albert Park Jumper $80

You won’t sell many of these in Adelaide, but for everywhere else, it’s gettin’ cold. Support the Oz GP.

HRT Simulator $1099

Unleash your inner Garth Tander and sabotage your sleep routine with this beaut set-up. Excludes steering wheel and electronics.

Lego 911 GT3 RS $499

Don’t be sad the full scale GT3 RS is sold out – build your own. Features working “PDK”, 2700 bits and incredible attention to detail.

Toyota 86 supercharger kit $6985

Your 86/BRZ will grow balls with this Aussie-made Eaton blower kit; 9psi good for 50 per cent more power.

Le Mans Print $113

They see a plain white wall, we see a canvas. Get more Gulf-liveried 917 in your life with this A2 print. Dripping McQueen cool.