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Performance treasure hunt


2004 Continental GT

NEW $385,000

Creweís W12 missile is fi nally coming into range

MERE MORTALS like you and I might scoff at the idea of buying a six-figure secondhand performance car. A quick look at our Bang For Your Bucks tests proves thereís plenty of decent new metal around for under $100K. But look at the deal from another angle and thereís actually a lot to tempt. And not many cars offer a 6.0-litre twin-turbo W12 with healthy outputs of 411kW and 650Nm. While it can easily blitz an autobahn, the Continentalís enduring appeal is also down to its class and timeless design.

The closest the Contiís been to all-new since its 2003 release was a major refresh in 2011, and even then most of its original design survived.

Staring bystanders wonít be able to tell youíre cruising in yesteryearís luxury pin-up, not todayís, and valets will still sweat about not scratching it.

At $110K, this Conti is almost a quarter of what it cost new, making it an inexpensive way to fool strangers, but a cheap way into a 12-pot Bentley.

NOW $109,777

1993 Falcon XR8 Sprint

NEW $45,817

Fast Ford past blaster

RECENT Sprint-badged Falcons have kicked off plenty of yarns about the past. Back in the early í90s, Fordís performance partner, Tickford, screwed together a hotter limited-edition Falcon XR8 Sprint, too. Not as significant as todayís, but the ED Falcon XR8 Sprint was special in its own way, with a high-output 5.0-litre V8.

With a claimed 192kW, the 5.0-litre was similar to the 25th Anniversary Falcon GTís V8, and the Sprint benefited from its development.

Suspension included re-rated springs and dampers and plastic bushes at key points. Today, some are as cheap as $12K, but this mint ED XR8 with EL GT bodykit commands a premium.

NOW $21,000

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