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Fast car sales April 2016

Demons, duds & debutants

Fast car sales April 2016

THE NEW Mazda MX-5ís sales success shows no signs of abating, and itís been joined at the top of the charts by the Mercedes-AMG GT S, which after a slow start is now posting solid numbers.

Another big winner is BMWís new 7 Series, which is holding a slim 2016 sales lead over its arch nemisis, Mercedesí S Class, while the Z4 is also continuing its renaissance. The Porsche Cayman continues to sell well, despite being only months away from replacement. Are buyers clamouring to get a hold of that flat-six before itís too late?

Top ten movers

CAR MAR APR YTD YTD +/- Mazda MX-5 192 185 701 >999% Mercedes-AMG GT 10 15 56 >999% BMW 7 Series 34 14 98 250% BMW Z4 11 17 73 204% Bentley Coupe/Conv. 11 6 163 104% Audi A7 24 13 102 96% Maserati Quattroporte 18 3 63 66% Porsche Cayman 24 16 44 47% Audi TT 67 45 780 32% McLaren 2 2 10 43%

Top ten losers

CAR MAR APR YTD YTD +/- Lotus Evora 0 0 0 -100% Bentley Sedan 0 1 1 -94% Audi R8 0 2 2 -83% Lotus Elise 0 0 2 -78% Lotus Exige 0 0 4 -64% Citroen DS3 1 3 13 -62% Renault Sport Megane 10 2 50 -62% Merc C-Class Coupe 108 196 305 -58% Rolls-Royce Coupe 1 1 3 -57% Jaguar XJ 2 1 7 -56%

the HEAT



AS ITíS been on sale less than a year, the Ford Mustang doesnít have the yearto- date data to appear on our top 10 movers list, however itís lighting up the sales charts. With 690 sales in April, the Mustang was Fordís bestselling passenger car and second only to the Ranger in its entire fleet.


ITíS NORMAL for a vehicleís sales to slow towards the end of its life, but weíre still sad that demand for Renaultís brilliant Megane RS is tapering off. The current model is one of the greatest front drivers of all time and still a brilliant steer.

We can only hope the next-gen car, due later this year with a dualclutch íbox and all-wheel drive, retains some of its magic.

Coming soon 2016


Lotus Exige Sport 350 Lighter, faster Exige with aero tweaks set to attack local roads and circuits.

Mercedes-AMG C63 S Coupe Two-door version of AMGís thundering twinturbo C63 hits town.

Audi R8 Ingolstadtís supercar drops V8 and picks up more power with the V10.

Subaru Levorg Destined to succeed the WRX hatchback.

BMW M4 GTS M4 beefs up with waterinjected powerplant.

VW Golf GTI 40 Years Fastest ever Golf GTI lands with 213kW of overboost power.


Ford Focus RS Blue Oval super hatch lands locally, intent on stealing the title of best hot hatch.

BMW M3/M4 Competition Pack More power, revised suspension and GTS bits for turbo twins.

McLaren 540C Englandís 911 fighter promises class-leading performance.

Mini JCW Convertible Renault Megane GT New dual-clutch Megane debuts on bigger platform. GT performance variant for now until RS is announced.

Later in 2016

Toyota 86 Tweaked suspension and drivetrain with minor styling updates.

Audi S4 Comes with a new 260kW turbo six-pot.

Audi SQ7 TDI Electric turbo diesel super SUV.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Alfaís 3 Series fighting sedan debuts.

Jaguar F-Pace Rolls-Royce Dawn The brandís stunning new two-door convertible.

Nissan NISMO range Nissan fuels Australiaís hunger for performance models. Frightening 441kW GT-R the highlight of the range. Oh yeah!

Fiat 124 Spider Fiat and Mazdaís MX-5 based love child. Abarth version likely.

Ferrari California T Handling Speciale Handling Speciale option adds quicker shifts, sharper suspension.

Honda NSX Still on the cards for Oz, for now at least.

Mercedes-AMG C43 Coupe/Cabriolet AMG-lites with twinturbo V6 power.