7 Ed’s Letter

We’ve got civil liberties too

8 The News

Dodge’s 527kW Hellcat lands and AMG’s GT R breaks cover

16 The Vent

You won’t like us when you’re angry

18 Sweet Dream

HSV’s post-Commodore future starts with the Camaro

118 Geek Speak

The performance benefi ts of electronic stability control

121 Cool Kit

Auto-booty worth breaking out the bank notes

122 Garage

The 300 SRT hits the drag strip and auf wiedersehen Audi’s S1

126 It’s Tempting

Porsche’s fi nal manual GT3 and an ‘eagle-eyed’ bargain

127 Chart Attack

The fast cars that are fl ying out the door

129 Columns

Remembrance of sounds past and a licence to kill-joy

133 Hot Source

All of the digits, arranged and displayed

146 Final Nine

Some of the wackiest and most wonderful keys