David Thompson, via email

BRIAN COLTON’s “Manuals Bah” rant (July ’16) really amused me, obviously he no longer has the skill to drive a manual and feels everyone should be in that category.

I live in country Victoria where autos are of no advantage and recently I had a small manual station wagon for sale, perfect as a first car. The first question everyone asked when they rang was: “Is it an auto?” They said was for their son or daughter and they were too impatient to get a manual licence.

What’s the country coming to?

I was in Europe recently and you struggle to see an auto in a parking lot. You can walk past 50 cars and you might spot five autos if you are lucky. I’m dreading the day I may have to drive an auto for medical reasons.

David, thanks for the reminder the ability to drive manual is not only for enjoyment, but a key tool. We hope you enjoy our celebration of the gearstick on page 98.