Malcolm Webster, via email

The days of Australia being a mainstream car manufacturer may be coming to an end, but does it have to be the end of the Australian car industry altogether? High performance rear-wheel drive cars go together with Australia like meat pies do with tomato sauce, and we’ve built exotic rear-drivers before as well.

Instead of letting the Australian car industry die altogether, let’s reinvent it to become a high-quality premium car producing industry. There could be a group of Australian investors in the automotive industry who could form a consortium to create a new Australian car company.

They could purchase the Holden, Ford and Toyota Engine and assembly plants. This new company could then build cars using the same high performance engines to premium-level quality.

Germany, Sweden and Britain are highwage economies that specialise in producing premium cars for niche markets and this is something Australia could also do. If we did become a premium car producer, we would be producing and exporting a lot more cars than we currently doing and it would be a far more viable industry