James, via email

In response to John Bailey’s vent ‘long live the Atmo’ in MOTOR July 2016. I totally agree with his thoughts about naturally aspirated engines. Your article about the Ferrari 488 was good but as a huge fan no new Ferraris bring any excitement to me anymore.

Personally, I think 458 Speciale will be the last and rarest Ferrari.

No wonder older Ferraris such as 328 GTS have doubled in value over the last two years. People are realising what’s going to be a true collectors car. Maybe from the 488 onwards the cars won’t be as special.

Remember what Ferrari could achieve with tiny displacement engines, in comparison to something like a 6.2-litre LSA?

Go to the Gosford classic car museum. I went, and hardly anyone knew the LaFerrari with its alien-like styling. Yet, the F40 had plenty of people around it taking pictures. It was something special for that era.