MANUAL OR twin-clutch auto? They’re the same price for BMW’s new M2, though the DCT is quicker to 100km/h (4.3sec vs 4.5sec) owing mostly to launch control. But what you do lose, though, apart from some involvement, is control.

The M2 is not as ‘bitey’ a car as the M4, but still one you need to keep your wits about you. In DCT guise at least, the M2 is liable to snap into wheelspin and a bit sideways on fullthrottle first-second upshifts, at which point you’ll be looking a little white. But having driven both DCT and manual M2 it seems more a subjective than objective proposition, as they’re both very good. – DC SPECS 3.0L INLINE-6, TURBO, 272KW/465NM, 1520KG PRICE $98,900