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17 cars of 2017

Every year just seems to get bigger and better regarding performance cars – here are 17 you need to know about


The Last New V8 Commodores

Holden’s cooked up three final edition V8 Commodores – and we’ve driven them


PCOTY 2017

12 of the fittest and fastest performance cars of the last year face off for Australia’s premier fast car award


PCOTY: Track

Mother Nature ensured our Winton session was exciting, though for mostly the wrong reasons



Nothern Victoria’s undulating ribbons of tarmac sort the wheat from the chaff on our road loop


PCOTY: 10 to 1

From last to first, here is where each car finished and why – let the arguments begin


PCOTY: Diary

Against his better judgement, Cockburn has once again signed up to the PCOTY circus


Lexus LC 500 Audi SQ7 Lotus Exige Sport 380 Audi S5 BMW 540i E 63 S First Fang Mercedes- AMG E 63 S.

We test drive this monster of a luxury sports sedan AMG GT R First Fang * Privacy notice can be found on page 9


430kW V8, rear-drive, stripped-back and, for a day, all ours


9 Ed’s Letter

Making the impossible possible, with a grey Ferrari

10 The News

A snapshot of the 17 cars that will make waves in 2017

20 The Vent

We have our say, so it’s only fair you get to have yours

116 Geek Speak

Nissan’s variable-compression engine is a mind-bender

118 Cool Kit

Everything you never knew you wanted and how to get it

120 Garage

We welcome a new AMG and continue the MX-5 fun

124 New vs Used

German and Italian drop tops fi ght for topless honours

125 Chart Attack

The fi nal 2016 sales results are in: the grinners and grimacers

127 Columns

We ponder stupidity, truck stops and Mark Webber

133 Hot Source

For those who need to know all, we’ve put it in one place

146 Final Nine

Planning for the future never looked, or sounded so good