Sean Williams, via email

THE BASTARDS! They’ve done it again dammit. How can ‘they’ just raise the price of petrol by more than 26 cents a litre overnight, make a whacking profit on the in-ground stock and we (the common-asmuck motorist) just cop it sweet?

This gives credence to the understanding in Canberra that motorists are referred to as ‘sheep’ – easily led and easily fleeced.

Think about the amount of money we motorists hand over to ‘them’ each and every year: petrol excise, stamp duty on cars, the questionable luxury car tax, customs duty on imported vehicles.

And who defends the motorist from our rapacious politicians and bureaucrats?

Absolutely sweet Fanny Adams. The ACCC ‘believes’ that there is a natural pricing cycle and does little about the fact that free-market pricing does not exist because there are so few competitors. Parliament and its support staff revel in the ease by which the loot rolls in. Our esteemed motoring bodies just waffle on about the pricing cycles.

Motoring bodies? Motorists come from all political parties, races, countries and so forth. How about our esteemed motoring bodies create a political party to represent the mug motorist? Imagine a large political party that was not dominated by big business or the union movement. Imagine this party with a large number of seats in both houses of parliament. Imagine the better roads and lower car prices.

Or as per the movie The Castle, “Tell ’em they’re dreaming!”