Tom Pryor, via email

How is it the Clipsal 500 Adelaide race is rarely referred to as the ďAdelaide 500Ē when the Super Cheap Auto 1000 is usually known as the ďBathurst 1000Ē? Maybe because itís quite a mouthful? In the September issue in an article on the Liqui Moly 12 Hour you didnít call it that once. We should give credit to those who keep our favourite sport buoyant, maybe by buying their products!

Great article celebrating the manual in that issue. Because traffic light drags donít happen these days, people need to stop worshipping the 0-100 times and realise you get just the same shove in the back as a dual-clutch. We need to reduce, not increase weight.

On the AMG GT Rís nine-step traction control in the same issue, Ducati have had an eight-step system for a few years.

However, Iíd imagine you need to be careful jumping from one to the other. In the AMG, step one equals full intervention, with the Ducati it means the opposite. I run my 2014 Hyperstrada at one. Even on gravel.