Paul Lees, via email

I work for a large vehicle transport company in Brisbane and was surprised to see four Cadillac ATS sedans accompanied by a HSV GTS parked on the forecourt among the other vehicles awaiting shipment.

All were right-hand drive and absolutely covered in bugs. Three were what I would describe as normal length for a large sedan and one was clearly a Statesman length vehicle with longer back doors.

Each vehicle had quad-pipes but seemed to be powered by a V6 engine, possibly with turbos. And each was fitted with a type of computer next to the front left seat. Just thinking that they were being evaluated as replacements for the HSV Commodore.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take any photos as it would not be worth my job. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts?

Sadly, according to Holden the Cadillacs spotted in Australia recently are just engineering prototypes undergoing further powertrain development. Then again, they would say that wouldn’t they?